The winery

In the summer of 2010 we harvested our first grape harvest. In the first years we were housed in a temporary facility until completion of our winery in 2013.
The winery is equipped with the latest equipment and technology.

In the first year we bottled 9,000 bottles of wine and  since then the yield has grown annually, and we expect to build up to almost 100,000 bottles annually once all of our vineyards have matured.

Kishor wine is sold in more than 70 wine retailers and high end restaurants in Israel. 

We welcomie you to our Visitors Center .There, overlooking the vineyards and the beautiful Galilean scenery, you will tour the vineyards and winery, walk among the fragrant oak barrels, learn about the process of wine-making at Kishorit, watch a film about Kishorit, and of course, taste and purchase Kishor wines.The wine is Kosher.

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